Are you an artist, an art professional or a gallery? 
Promote your events with an art-centric audience!

On Mae, you can promote your current exhibitions and also host private events such as studio visits, workshops, performances. These exclusive events offer limited spots where guests pay for entry, providing you with a new revenue stream and a unique opportunity to stay connected with your audience.

Become an Host

How does it work to set up your event?

✦ Reach a Passionate Audience
Connect with a community of art enthusiasts who love your work.

✦ Easy to Use
Our app is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to create your event and manage your guest list.

✦Create your Concept
Think of a unique and engaging concept for your event: a workshop, a studio visit, a performance or whatever!

✦ Secure Payments
Set the ticket price for your event. With Stripe, you can trust that your transactions are secure and reliable.

✦ Advisory and Support
Our team is here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Need ideas for your next event?
Take inspiration from our community

Studio Visit & Aperitif by Tora Aghabayova
Collective Imprinting Workshop by Emilia Jechna
Art Dinner & Private Show "THE OTHER" by Yvonne Andreini

Tips on being a great Mae host

Keep it Clear and Easy: Make a clear description of the event. Include any special instructions or things they need to prepare for.

Detailed Agenda:
Craft a detailed agenda so guests know what to expect. Share it in advance in the event description.

Use the Invite Link:
Invite your current community using the invite link you find in the app. A lively event attracts more attendees!

Stay Connected:
Reach out to guests before and after the event via the Mae app. This will increase bookings from repeat guests.

Warm Welcome:
Personalize the experience to make guests feel welcome. Add thoughtful touches like snacks, drinks, and a warm introduction.

How much you could earn it and Mae's fees

Mae is launching a promo Host Plan valid only for the first 100: hosts pays a flat service fee of €10/month to create as many events they want and in case of paid events 10% commission. This commission helps us maintain the app, provide customer support, market your events, and much more.  Let's break down how much you could earn in a month with hosting only 2 events. Say you host 2 events with 15 guests, each paying €20 for a ticket. The ticket proceeds would be €600. Mae's commission is 10% of the ticket proceeds, which will make your earning €530. And you can do even more!
Members who want to share a paid events occasionally and pay just for use can host an paid event for the 30% of commission.
What are you waiting for? Become an host, expand your audience and monetize!

Become an Host