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As art enthusiasts, we came together over a shared excitement about building a product that could solve our own problem of make art part of our daily lives. But also a product that helps everyone thrive in this market: from art lovers and artists to museums and art galleries. Our ethos revolves around the belief that views from trusted individuals hold more value than the opinions of the "fews" or the endorsements from big institutions. Our aim is to cultivate a space for art dialogue, uniting knowledge while enhancing accessibility, comprehension and experience.

Art has helped humans to reflect for thousands of years. We decipher it for today.

Today tech allows us to connect anywhere. Anytime. So why do we feel more lonely than ever? The sense of lost togetherness isn’t new. The decline of ‘third places’—those vital community hubs between home and work—has fueled the loneliness epidemic. These spaces, like parks or salons, used to foster chance encounters, sharing, and a sense of togetherness. The most important historical third place has been places of worship, which have traditionally held communities together, but they are loosing popularity lately. Many of us seek similar connections in new ways—yoga, meditation, and reflective practices. Yet the art potential remains untapped.

Untapping Art Wellbeing: Bridging Jungian Theories & Neuroaesthetics.

Mae, our emotionally intelligent art app, merges neuroscience and psychology to offer a transformative experience. Grounded in the neural science of aesthetic engagement, art activates reward systems, releasing feel-good brain chemicals. Aligned with Carl Jung's shadow work, the app explores unconscious elements for personal growth. Modern psychology and cognitive neuroscience validate the influence of the shadow on behavior, providing a foundation for Mae's evidence-based approach. Drawing from psychodynamic therapy, Mae facilitates self-awareness by uncovering our unconscious through what we see in artworks. This integration enhances emotional intelligence, contributing to improved interpersonal relationships. Supported by mindfulness practices, Mae empowers members to recognize and integrate suppressed emotions, fostering personal development and mental well-being. In essence, Mae harmonizes art, neuroscience, and psychology, creating a platform for users to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Enjoy art. Better. Deeper. Together.

We got our start in Berlin, with Maecenarte, a subscription art marketplace devoted to an incredible art community where we promoted the work of +100 artists and galleries, our source for inspiration. Now, we’re building the future of art where everything we make starts with you: Mae is a virtual hybrid concept, blending digital and in-person experiences. With cutting-edge technologies, we're not just redefining an industry but innovating within it: creating the best platform for everyone involved. A  Safe Space for Artists, Art professionals, Organizations, Enthusiasts & Everyone who enjoys creating Art.

Mae atelier, BerlinMae atelier Berlin

And what 'Mae' means?

Mae (mythology) was a deity of the Etruscan Pantheon and he was identified with Jupiter because of his magnificence. Jupiter is the archetype that acts as a bridge between the personal and transpersonal worlds. He symbolises growth and expansion as well as social adaptation to the culture and world in which one lives; his is a quest for enrichment and improvement in every field: cultural, psychological and spiritual. We didn't choose this name, this name choose us and that's another reason why we feel part of a greater mission.

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