5 Contemporary Art Shows To Not Miss In Berlin | February 2024 - Week 4

February 23, 2024
Jeanne Susplugas, (Detail) « I will sleep when I’m dead » ink and painting on paper, 2023
Jeanne Susplugas, (Detail) « I will sleep when I’m dead » ink and painting on paper, 2023


Et si c'était ça, le paradis? - Maja Rohwetter I Jeanne Susplugas

Exhibition Opening 23.02.2024 h19 - on view until 23.03.24

Maja Rohwetter, undirected flows #5, 40x 55 cm, Inkjet Print Aquarell, C Print, Folienplot, Papier, 2023
Maja Rohwetter, undirected flows #5, 40x 55 cm, Inkjet Print Aquarell, C Print, Folienplot, Papier, 2023

Paradise. An ideal place or state outside our reality. Or within ourselves? Have we perhaps already missed it? Jeanne Susplugas and Maja Rohwetter question the relationship between inner and outer reality in a multimedia approach with VR and AR works, drawings, collages and prints. In Suspluga's VR work "I will sleep when I'm dead", graphic set pieces of a dysfunctional reality of life circulate. Rohwetter's AR work "deep and shallow" externalises the forms of an inner reality. Both also bring the fleetingness of XR back into analogue images. The longing for reality begins with the experience that we are not sure that we are still part of reality.



24.02.24 h10am - 25.02.24 h11:30am

Event Cover: "Manifest:Io", Berlin 2024
Event Cover: "Manifest:Io", Berlin 2024

MANIFEST:IO, the Symposium for New Media and Electronic Art in Berlin, returns for its second edition! Join us on Feb 24 - 25 for a weekend of artistic research talks, audio-visual performances and a transmedia art exhibition that takes place in the heart of Berlin at the charming Alte Münze. With the aim of creating a critical and diversely driven space for new media students, artistic researchers and upcoming artists working at the intersection of art, technology and culture, MANIFEST:IO will unfold over a 2-day event to feature various artists and professionals working in AI, VR, AR, neuroscience, sound art, theater, A/V performance, for a full lineup.

In this edition of MANIFEST:IO explores the intersections of new media with critical topics such as body politics, borders, refugees, exiled communities, gender politics, censorship, colonialism, surveillance, AI ethical dimensions, and inclusivity in AI, through a Talk series from 11am-3pm that will be followed by a new media exhibition till 9pm, showcasing audio-visual interactive installations, immersive VR and AR experiences, and a number of spatial sound compositions. From 9pm till midnight, a lineup of international artists will perform on the main stage. Talks and performances related to care - including a guided yoga and meditation session at 10am each day.

Tickets for each day are purchasable and available online via Eventbrite.
We believe in accessibility. Ticket prices start at 5 EUR. Day and weekend passes available.
This year we are also barrier-free/wheelchair accessible.

The symposium is organised by TimeLab, and sponsored by the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

TIckets available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/manifestio-tickets-818208211787?aff=oddtdtcreator

Curated by: Harshini J. Karunaratne & Basel Naouri



Exhibition Opening: 23 - 24.02.2024

Exhibition Cover: "Roaminale #3 Screen", Berlin 2024
Exhibition Cover: "Roaminale #3 Screen", Berlin 2024

Roaminale #3 screen is a screening weekend event dedicated to audiovisual artworks and moving images. The aim of Roaminale is to bring further visibility to works of various topics of concern and as well artistic creativity within distinguishable visions of each participant.

Roaminale #3 screen is the third event in the series and is showing a selection of short films and video art in a variety of genres. The screening will take place parallel at roam project space and online.


Archipelago - Aglaya Nogina

Exhibition Opening 23.02.24 h19 - on view until 25.02.23

Exhibition Cover: "Archipelago" - Berlin 2024
Exhibition Cover: "Archipelago" - Berlin 2024

An archipelago is a group of islands that lie at a short distance from each other and are united into a common system. This is the metaphor used by Ukrainian artist Aglaya Nogina to describe the essence of the connection between her and her close friends. In the last 2 years, the war, like tectonic movements, has divided them into different parts of the world, but their inner unity has remained unshakable. The series of large-format portraits reflects on femininity, female strength, inner and outer beauty, and the powerful force of friendship.Aglaya works with her author’s texts and the xerolithography printing technique. This project involves participation: The photo references embodied in the finished works were created directly by the models themselves. The image of their „island“ emerged through a sincere dialogue about the nature of the depicted.


ffffffffffffffffffffffffsSSSSSSssssoo000RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkKkkkKkkkKk - Group Show

On view from 22.02.24

Exhibition Cover: "ffffffffffffffffffffffffsSSSSSSssssoo000RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkKkkkKkkkKk", Berlin 2024
Exhibition Cover: "ffffffffffffffffffffffffsSSSSSSssssoo000RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkKkkkKkkkKk", Berlin 2024

Our upcoming group exhibition aims to explore the notion of the ‘in-between’: in-between states of consciousness, states of energy, reality, and imagination, the past and future. The title of the show, based on a sound, is our attempt to capture this liminal space. Featured artists include Jung A Lee, Sacha Grandemange, Emil Urbanek, Kolja Kärtner Sainz, Line Lynhe, Maxim Brandt and Eliza Wagener.