6 Contemporary Art Shows To Not Miss In Berlin | February 2024 - Week 1

January 2, 2024
SASHA KURMAZ, “Comet” - 2023
SASHA KURMAZ, “Comet” - 2023


Synthetic Tales x Vorspiel 2024

3.02 - 4.02 - from 15:00 until 21:00 each day

Synthetic Tales is taking part in the Vorspiel program of CTM and Transmediale.

will take the shape of a twelve-hour live audiovisual experience.

will tell a story of experimental live music, DJ sets, lectures, and poetry readings.

will travel through animated visuals, digital archives, and into a soft space.

will be as old as time, and as new as that which hasn’t been explored yet.

Synthetic Tales, running through cables and switches, from bedroom to living room, and finally, to include the public.

22 artists will bring us through an unforgettable journey, transporting us into the magical and liminal space where the digital meets the irl.

The day will be rhythmized by tales written and performed by Klara Branting-Paulsell.

We are asking for a donation of 3-10€ entry. All profits will be devolved to Help the people of Gaza • - UN Crisis Relief

Kindly be aware that the location is not wheelchair-friendly. If you need help accessing the space please contact us directly.

Event Curated by +++ (@plusplusplus.live) and alizé.e (@alize.e.e)

Graphic Identity by Cassandre Tornay (@tornaycass) and Matteo Bettini (@600mt)

The tickets are on presale on Resident Advisor: https://fr.ra.co/events/1844546

Event Cover: Synthetic Tales x Vorspiel 2024, Berlin 2024
Event Cover: Synthetic Tales x Vorspiel 2024, Berlin 2024


Pigeon in the Organ

Vernissage 7.02.2024 - Finissage 10.02.2024

Kunsthochschule Berlin sculpture students from the former Unlearning class of Danz & Huyoff, invite you to Pigeon in the Organ , an exhibition in the Galiläa Church Friedrichshain. The exhibition presents both existing and new site specific works, is well as a series of performances in which the works will be “activated” through interventions, voice and gestures. The listed, protestant church begins its new life as a cultural venue under Marc Weiser. We are delighted to start off the program, in collaboration with Prof. Wilhelm Klotzek, at the historic Galiläa Church.

Artists: Aglaia Gronas, Alec Ross, Alessio Cannizzo, Anne Bolena, Araike Da Silva, Colette Callec, Devi Sofia Sund Rojo, Diana Roemer Duque, Gabriela Lesmes López, Heloise Delcros, Janisse, Joe Kotteck, Josias Buchweitz, Laurids Koehne, Lara Jordan, Lara Rocho, Luań Càja, Manu Strube, Marlene Kargl, Minori Ouchi, Noah Lübbe, Tinatin Shaburishvili, Tibor Koehne, Ziggy Melvis.

Exhibition Cover: "Pigeon in the Organ", Berlin 2024
Exhibition Cover: "Pigeon in the Organ", Berlin 2024

📍FWR / FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph Gallery


Until 2.03.24

MIXTAPE 2024 is our careful selection of new works from the studios of the gallery's artists as well as the presentation of new artists who have recently inspired us. As with the good old "mix tape", we would like to take all our friends, collectors, visitors and new guests on a tour of our exhibition, which we have put together with passion and enthusiasm. MIXTAPE also gives a foretaste of 2024 exhibition program.

Artists: Isabelle Borges, Thorsten Brinkmann, Paule Hammer, Jinhee Kim, Benedikt Leonhardt, Marlen Letetzki, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Jenny Michel, Anna Nero, Jina Park, Paul Pretzer, Dennis Rudolph, Klaus-Martin Treder.

Exhibition Cover: "Mixtape 2024", Berlin 2024
Exhibition Cover: "Mixtape 2024", Berlin 2024


We Who Move The World Forward - Voices of resistance in Germany's migration histories

Opening 2.02.24 until 10.03.24

The exhibition programme invites interdisciplinary artists and activists to respond to their experiences of migrant struggle and structural discrimination and how to empower through modes of de-traumatisation inside the German system and its connection to its own neo-colonial histories. The exhibition connects black feminist migrant activists Fasia Jansen, Semra Ertan, May Ayim and Sista Mimi unraveling the modes of protests, transformational justice and reparations from decolonial perspectives of marginalized populations in Germany rather than an institutionalized approach.Our collaboration together with Arts Of The Working Class offers their readership readings for concepts around “Codes of Conduct’, introduced by lawyer Julia Wissert, re-modeling resources of workers’ rights and protection reflecting the histories of refugee camp experiences, queer struggles, segregational class markets of the art world, values of (in)justice and protest.

Participating artists: Aïssatou Ciss.... International Women* Space, Cana Bilir-Meier, Imad Gebrael, Yergalem Taffere, Wilson Mungai, Ina Wudtke, Nino Bulling, Muhammed Lamin Jadama, Thabo Thindi, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, HerrFrau Meko, Garden Archives/Fetewei Tarekegn

Exhibition Cover: "We Who Move The World Forward", Berlin 2024
Exhibition Cover: "We Who Move The World Forward", Berlin 2024

📍Haverkampf Leistenschneider

Another Spring - Group Show

Until 9.03.24

Für die Ausstellung ANOTHER SPRING hat der in Berlin lebende Künstler Felix Oehmann (1985) die ukrainischen Künstlerinnen Zina Isupova (1996) und Sasha Kurmaz (1986) eingeladen, mit ihm zusammen neue Arbeiten in den Galerieräumen zu präsentieren. Gemeinsam geben die Künstlerinnen einen persönlichen Einblick in ihre Sichtweise auf eine Welt, die seit den Angriffen Russlands im Frühjahr 2022 für sie nicht mehr dieselbe ist und die der Krieg verändert hat. Durch eine Verschmelzung von neuen Collagen, Fotografien und Skulpturen präsentieren die Künstlerinnen eine visuelle Erzählung über die Brüche, die die Ukraine und im weiteren Sinne die ganze Welt durchziehen.

For the exhibition ANOTHER SPRING, Berlin-based artist Felix Oehmann (b. 1985) has invited Ukrainian artists Zina Isupova (b. 1996) and Sasha Kurmaz (b. 1986) to present new works with him in the gallery. The artists have joined to provide a personal insight into how the war has reshaped their perspective on a world no longer the same as they have known it. Through a fusion of new collages, photography, and sculptures, the artists unite to present a visual narrative of the fractures running through Ukraine and, by extension, the entire world.

FELIX OEHMANN, "The Stars Fell Down To This Earth" - 2023
FELIX OEHMANN, "The Stars Fell Down To This Earth" - 2023


Feeling Blue. An Indigo Dyeing Workshop

10.02 - 11.02 (11am-2pm each day)

Dip your hands into the world of natural dyeing and join us for Feeling Blue - A Weekend Immersion to Indigo Dye!Together we will learn and explore the possibilities of Indigo dye, produce your own Indigo colour swatches, use various folding techniques to create patterns and bring it all together to create your own decorative pillow.Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a curious beginner, the workshop promises to be a kaleidoscope of creativity, welcoming individuals of all experience levels to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of this timeless art form.

Workshop Cover: "Feeling Blue. An Indigo Dyeing Workshop", Berlin 2024
Workshop Cover: "Feeling Blue. An Indigo Dyeing Workshop", Berlin 2024