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June 30, 2023



WHEN: UNTIL 22.07.23

"Technological advancements increasingly blur the line between the digital and the analogue world actively altering the human experience. As new inventions seep into the public as well as the private sphere, the structures and frameworks we once relied upon to understand reality feel inadequate. Our presence now extends beyond what lies within our physical reach, with our devices enabling a simultaneous presence in the digital realm. Thus we now have a dual existence, splitting our focus and engagement between the two.  

These innumerable gadgets have also inundated us with an overwhelming amount of information. This content overload has created a culture of superficial engagement, where we skim the surface without ever delving into depths of understanding. The effect of these new habits does not only influence our interactions in the digital world but likewise impacts our behavior on a broader scale, modifying our engagement online as well as offline.

ALTERED EMOTIONS examines how these developments have transformed the way we see and immerse ourselves with the world around us. Arguably, we have never been able to grasp the full scope of reality, yet we can now directly engage with ways that warp the experience in real-time. The exhibition seeks to highlight the distortion by including artworks inhabiting a paradoxical nature that exposes how we cannot blindly trust the instant conclusions of our first impressions. However, as we move beyond compelling juxtapositions, the question remains of how these new ways of seeing affect us rudimentary. Because as our engagement becomes more superficial, we disrupt how we empathize and the ways we discern meaning.

ALTERED EMOTIONS offers the audience a platform to examine how our emotional capacities have transformed by allowing interaction with a wide range of mediums. The featured works highlight how superficial components are imperative to our interpretation of what we see. Yet by utilizing the visual allure as a gateway, the pieces stimulate critical dialogue about prevailing issues and make us reflect upon the new landscape we find ourselves in."

The exhibition features 11v151131_m06, Aaron Scheer, Anna Ehrenstein, Arne Grugel, Anna Nezhnaya, Cille Sch, Franco D. Sosio, Johannes Ehemann, Ju Schnee, Katya Quel, Tabitha Swanson, and Zoltani + guests.

PARIS GIACHOUSTIDIS, The End Of Nowhere, 2023
PARIS GIACHOUSTIDIS, The End Of Nowhere, 2023



WHEN: UNTIL 19.08.23

"In the surrealist poem Life is but a Dream by Lewis Carroll, the protagonist finds herself in a kind of dream. More famous than the poem is the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, in which the girl follows a white rabbit and dives into a wondrous world once she enters the rabbit hole. Psychoanalysis, dream interpretation and hallucinogenic drug induced experiences were read into the work. Paris Giachoustidis' first solo exhibition at KORNFELD Galerie Berlin features new works from a series that specifically explores dreams.

The Abduction of Paris depicts a surreal scene in which a woman is carried through the forest by a man. Inspired by "The Abduction of Helen by Paris", the artist takes up Greek mythology and brings new attributes such as a torch into the action. The theft of Helen was the trigger for the Trojan War. Will the light of the torch bring knowledge and know how to prevent it?

One of the most famous motifs from Ovid's Metamorphoses is Narcissus, the beau who rejects the love of others and falls in love with his own reflection. In "The Narcissus Effect", we see an athletic Narcissus curiously feeling the other side of the reflection. The tanned blond is alone in the picture. With today's viewing habits, one could almost think he is scrolling on a screen with his index finger. We don't know what he sees in the reflection. We can only guess.

Giachoustidi's pictures are painted in intense colors and are full of (homo)erotic allusions. Some are divided into two parts by a horizontal or vertical line, creating two halves of the picture. They show people lost alone in a dream or (queer) couples during sexual acts. Reflections of unfulfilled longings, secret dreams or sexual fantasies are hinted at. One recognizes many clues, but Giachoustidis does not make it easy for us. The nudes remain mysterious and enraptured. Image motifs from advertising, pornographic films and fairy tales are combined and linked to form a new story. Aesthetically, he makes use of kitsch, among other things, plays with painterly styles and winks at us in an ironic and subversive way. We are seduced into voyeurism."

Press: Hans Krestel

Mask&Cherry, Lin Zhipeng, 2011, 33x50cm, Digital print on fine art paper, Edition 1/10
Mask&Cherry, Lin Zhipeng, 2011, 33x50cm, Digital print on fine art paper, Edition 1/10



WHEN: UNTIL 18.08.23

“We are immensely honored to bring a sizzling photography exhibition to Berlin this summer – marking the only solo exhibition by Lin Zhipeng, also known by No.223, in Berlin in recent years. The spotlight of this exhibition is firmly on the 'Boys Boys Boys' series and the eloquent expression of emotions.

Our journey through the exhibition delves into the untouched realms of vulnerability, desire, and intimacy. Guided by the artist's intuitive perception and unique perspective, viewers are invited to explore these themes through Lin's lens.

As we navigate through the array of images, what emerges is a fresh viewpoint on the universal emotions shared by us all. By providing this perspective, Lin Zhipeng offers an exceptional contribution to the narrative of contemporary photography.

This unique exhibition zeros in on the series Boys Boys Boys, a compelling exploration into the rich tapestry of their emotional experiences.

Why are we built to desire intimacy? Does intimacy fulfill fundamental human needs, such as the need for love, affection and belonging? Shouldn't we all be more vulnerable to create intimacy?

No. 223 is one of the representatives of the new generation of Chinese photography, Lin Zhipeng's work is filled with poetic charm, emotional tension, and unique insights and expressions of queer culture, which have garnered him long-standing international attention. His photography captures forgotten or overlooked characters, emotional states, urban fringe scenes, and moments of everyday life. His distinctive use of lighting, composition, and color endows his photos with symbolic significance that transcends the subjects themselves. This is more than just documentary-style shooting and capturing of life; it's also a vehicle for emotions and reflections, embodying his striking personal style.”

Marta DJOURINA, Untitled, 2022
Marta DJOURINA, Untitled, 2022



WHEN: UNTIL 22.07.23

"In the project show TEMPORARY TRUTHS, Marta Djourina and Sara-Lena Maierhofer have invited the artist Sophie Thun (Vienna) to show photographic works together. Thematically located in different fields, the three artists share an experimental approach to photographic material and the reinterpretation of analogue techniques. The works on display show photography as a trace, as an imprint of temporary truths, a medium for making visible something that we otherwise do not see."

Exhibition cover: "Beyond Contemporary", Berlin 2023.
Exhibition cover: "Beyond Contemporary", Berlin 2023.



WHEN: ON 1.07.23

"Is this the end of art epochs?

Together with Charlie Stein, Jim Avignon, Vera Kochubey, and 7 othercontemporary artists, the collective brand  "praise" reinterprets art history.

From antiquity to the Renaissance, to Pop Art, and countless others - the history of art has seen many eras, often with a significant influence on our society. But we are in the present. In 2023, the world is spinning faster than ever and we’ve been living in the realm of contemporary art for decades. Is it still "contemporary"?

We believe that the linear development of art has come to an end. A new era of creation has long begun, propelling us into an era of creativity that surpasses our imagination. The boundaries between cultures are blurring, and the rise of artificial intelligence allows people to reproduce and customize any style according to their desires. The artistic abundance that lies ahead is challenging to categorize in the traditional manner of art history. This event wants to suggest, that the time we enter now is so vast in creation, that it can no longer be seen as contemporary art. Hence the title beyond contemporary art. Is this the era we enter now?"


10 artists reinterpret well-known artworks from the most significant art eras, creating art beyond anything contemporary. The exhibition shows both original and interpretation.

Araike Da Silva, Bianca Kennedy, Charlie Stein, Emilia Jechna, Justus Bobke, Jim Avignon, Jojo Caramelle, Katya Quel, Kedimari and Vera Kochubey.


The relevance of art eras today and in the future will be explored in a panel talk featuring Charlie Stein, Vera Kochubey, and Paul Thomas from Musee Dezentral


Furthermore, visitors have the opportunity to travel through art history themselves and modify it with the help of artificial intelligence. A mapping with different art eras shows how art history would have changed if certain artists did not exist or did not create the styles that hat cultural impact.


All events of praise are a fusion of artistic endavour - The exhibition is completed  by live music and DJ showcases, blending classical and electronic music, combining the old and the progressive.


DJ MOMINO I GOLDIE 333 *live I MIRI MALEK I multipass x Michael Lane I  Johnny Da Cruz

Exhibition view: “Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings” , Berlin 2023.
Exhibition view: “Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings” , Berlin 2023.



WHEN: UNTIL 9.07.23

"The exhibition “Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings” is a presentation of ten new installations by JUNGE AKADEMIE fellows whose artistic research examines artificial intelligence. These speculative and experimental practices question and materialise how power and ethics are dealt with in the context of AI. The focus here is less on artistic innovations that improve existing systems by making them more ethical but rather on giving visibility to the social, historical, cultural and political realities and forces that have given rise to AI and continue to shape it. In response to the fragile realities of machines and their extractivist logic, algorithmic violence and techno-solutionism, the artists create poetic worlds, playful concepts and strategies of repair. They develop alternative paradigms, narratives and imaginings of technologies and a digital life beyond the systems of Big Tech. Themes range from deep-sea cables as historical power conduits to Indigenous technologies and cosmologies, AI-based human models, queer and decolonial computing and questions about digital immortality.

The JUNGE AKADEMIE, the international artist-in-residence programme at the Akademie der Künste, has been tackling the topic of AI since 2019 through its Human Machine Fellowship, in partnership with the E.ON-Stiftung’s VISIT programme, and AI Anarchies, which is funded by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The exhibition “Broken Machines & Wild Imaginings” brings together the artistic results in a major show."

With the fellows:
Sarah Ciston, Sara Culmann, D’Andrade & Walla Capelobo, Petja Ivanova, Pedro Oliveira, Sahej Rahal, Aarti Sunder, SONDER (Peter Behrbohm und Anton Steenbock), Natasha Tontey, Tin Wilke & Laura Fong Prosper

Curated by: Clara Herrmann
Curatorial Assistance: Nataša Vukajlović

Exhibition cover by Nancy Naser Al Deen
Exhibition cover by Nancy Naser Al Deen



WHEN: UNTIL 11.07.23

"My Voice is a whip by Jessie Omamogho and Jota Ramos, is an interactive installation exploring the societal limitations of black bodies and cultural expression within western society. Using an organ of speech that has symbolised our oppression through white washing and of debilitating silence, by morphing them into the embodiment of strength and power above white fragility, the object literally screams with control, representing the union of the organic material with an equal lashing of strength and flexibility. Historical memory vs fetish or symbology are elements that could be cited to think about the object's value, but each of these elements is just part of this complex understanding of the relationships established between the human being and the maintenance of racist practices."

Design: Nancy Naser Al Deem
Material: Stoneware clay - Black, Brown, Speckle Glaze, Synthetic hair, Metal