Your Art Horoscope, August 23 - part two

August 6, 2023
"Double-Faced", 2022 - Inna Levinson
"Double-Faced", 2022 - Inna Levinson


Focus on friendships, Libra!

Your platonic relationships form the foundation for healthy romances. Embrace adventures during the Virgo season while oscillating between productivity and rest. Mercury and Uranus go retrograde, so listen to your body and rest without guilt.

For you, Libra, the reliable collaborator and loyal friend of the zodiac, I have "Double-Faced" by Inna Levinson in mind. This artwork evokes the profound concept of dissolving ego boundaries and acknowledging our connection to a larger whole. Your very essence embodies this notion – you possess an innate inclination for cooperation, collaboration, and mediation, constantly striving to strike a harmonious balance between opposing forces. I have every confidence that you will excel in your endeavors this August!

"Mold", 2016 - Viktoria Strecker
"Mold", 2016 - Viktoria Strecker


Reveal your softer side, Scorpio!

Embrace new connections during Juno's influence and strengthen existing relationships. Use your productive burst of energy to check in on friends. The full moon invites you to charge up your passion and enjoy moments of deep intimacy.

Hey Scorpio, listen up! Here's a little cosmic nudge for you. Why not take a dive into those deep connections of yours? Open up, reveal those vulnerable spots – you know, the ones that you usually keep under wraps. Show up as "Mold" by Viktoria Strecker: this graceful, delicate vibe, something you instinctively want to protect and nurture. But hold on, because as you get closer, you realize it's got this unyielding, confident core – just like your determined and well-structured nature. So, let those strong connections become your safe haven, where you can show your true self and find strength in vulnerability.

"I live with my mortality", 2022 - Tabitha Swanson, digital animation
"I live with my mortality", 2022 - Tabitha Swanson, digital animation


Embrace your achievements, Sagittarius!

Productivity aligns with the Virgo season, bringing success your way. If conflicts arise, be the bigger person and apologize, and overcome your fear of commitment. Retrogrades may bring challenges, but your determination will see you through.

I've got a little cosmic insight to share with you. When it comes to those tricky conflicts and that commitment conundrum, why not put your natural diplomacy and mature approach to the test? Just like the vibes I get from "I live with my mortality" by Tabitha Swanson. You know, that tree stands tall like your adventurous spirit, always seeking higher wisdom. And that radiant light, illuminating everything around it – just like your enthusiasm lights up any room you walk into. It's like a living, breathing force, always on the move, just like your wanderlust for new experiences. So, embrace that inner Sagittarius spirit of stability and boundless energy, and let it guide you through these challenges!

"Untitled", 2023 - Kristen Rästas, Mixed media sculpture: video, phone, styropor, paint, sand, Icelandic moss, aluminium wire, wire mesh, masking tape, seashells, rocks
"Untitled", 2023 - Kristen Rästas, Mixed media sculpture: video, phone, styropor, paint, sand, Icelandic moss, aluminium wire, wire mesh, masking tape, seashells, rocks


Enjoy heightened intimacy, Capricorn!

Embrace the security in your relationships and don't shy away from romance. Address passive-aggressive behaviour when needed, and navigate the retrogrades with your devilish charm.

Hey you! It's time to loosen up. I see you, always in control, a bit guarded, keeping your distance. But enough of bottling it all in – it's time to embrace your relationships with transparency. Dive into the thrill of being outgoing. And even if you slip up, don't hide away. In fact, have some fun with your lack of experience, shake things up a bit, and create a new kind of order. I've got something in mind for you – "Untitled" by Kristen Rästas. It paints a picture of something light, spontaneous, eager to be savored. But look closely, and you'll see strength, self-awareness, and a sense of self-care. Here's to you being just like that – confident in yourself, brave enough to speak your mind, and always open to a good conversation!

"the joy of experience", 2022 - Yuliya V. Maltseva
"the joy of experience", 2022 - Yuliya V. Maltseva


Pamper yourself, Aquarius!

The full moon in your sign initiates a dramatic start, but take it easy and indulge in self-care. Embrace intimate conversations with caution during Mercury retrograde. Uranus retrograde highlights the importance of boundaries during this transformative time.

Hey Aquarius buddy, I know you're already well-versed in this concept, so an art horoscope won't throw you off course. What I've got in mind for you this August is simple: it's all about dedicating the entire month to personal enjoyment. And what better way to do that than with "the joy of experience" by Yuliya V. Maltseva? Take this time to give yourself a break from any inner battles and let loose with your authentic instincts. Dive headfirst into the realm of your quirky irrationality and use it as a driving force for your own personal evolution, leading you towards uncharted territories within your own soul."

"Hyperlapso", 2023 - Synthtati, Still life in collaboration with photographer Johan Besse
"Hyperlapso", 2023 - Synthtati, Still life in collaboration with photographer Johan Besse


Listen to your intuition, Pisces!

Mercury and Uranus retrogrades may bring some hiccups, but your intuitive guidance will keep you on track. Embrace a burst of passion in your love life and bask in the full moon's magical energy, for August ends with a cosmic celebration just for you.

Dear Pisces, your creative spirit knows no bounds, a ceaseless, imaginative force always in motion. I can't help but draw parallels between you and the dynamic essence of "Hyperlapso" by Synthtati an image that could encapsulate one of your countless dreams, a manifestation of your elegant sensitivity that captures the world's beauty. As this summer chapter unfolds, let it serve as a catalyst for fully embracing the authenticity of your impulses, which gift us with brilliant realities. May this period become a canvas for unveiling the profound layers of your imagination, allowing your distinct visions to take flight and resonate with hearts far and wide.